Samsung Galaxy S6 New Concept

   ”  The Galaxy S6 concept touts  a beautiful gravity UX  on the top of Android 6.0.”

Samsung Galaxy S6 New Concept:

Have a look of Samsung Galaxy S6 a new concept  of Design. Galaxy s6 indicating they would like to see Samsung go with its Galaxy line in future.





The Galaxy s4 is launched recently and available in markets. Now there are a concept of Galaxy S6 the image shown above are the design, the smartphone.


This model  is supposed to take more ‘Humanitarian approach’ rather than going a ‘marketing approach’.

About Phone:

“The renders do not get into specs of the device, but rather the desire to see Samsung make innovation  something more than a marketing term.”


“The Galaxy s6 concept will have 4.5 inch S-OLED display with a stunning 2K display.”



Samsung Galaxy S6 Futuristic Look Ahead

It Seems that we’re all on tenterhooks today waiting for official Samsung Galaxy S4 which were announced in the event of New York. Now there are another new design concept of galaxy S6 smartphone android and with updated features.


Let’s hope in two years that innovation won’t just be a marketing term so we can actually see something like this in the future.


“This time it’s true.”



 We Get It Now

“Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone & Smart choice”.



 Back Screen

“It says also that the Futuristic Samsung Galaxy S6 use the plastic unibody as its predecessor. Most stylish phone of future phones. But plastic Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to be protected with a coating of nano and is called ‘Hyperskin’ . “



“The phone concept also has an 18MP camera with 4K high frame rate video recording.”


The Human Measure

“We hope it’s not patent protected.

Let us skip the boring parts.”



13 thoughts on Samsung Galaxy S6 New Concept

  1. nur bahar laskar - Reply

    I is very bad for me because it is 4.5 or 6 inch display sepeacialll it will lunched in 2014 after the iphone 6….that i dont like it

  2. It’s really a cool futuristic smartphone.
    But the screen size could have been bigger like current smartphones like
    LG Optimus G Pro, Sony Xperia Z or HTC One.
    It could have had a 5 inch or above screen.
    The Pixel Density Should be above 458ppi

  3. Galaxy S6 sieht wesentlich besser aus als die heutigen Geräte.

    Die heutigen Smartphones haben so viele Defizite.

    Einiges davon:
    Randfreies Display
    Selbstladbarer Akku (zB: Solar-Technologie)
    Paar Gramm schwerer und robuster
    Android 4.2.2 muss auch viel verbessert werden
    Was wir verstecken, schadet unserer Gesundheit als Stresshormon Adrenalin

  4. Yunus Yıldız Violent - Reply

    4.5 inc bu telefon için çok az olmuş kamera dahada yüksek olabilirdi ama dış görünüş açısından iyi olmuş

  5. I hope this time, Galaxy S6 would carry some metal alloy body, I am tired seeing plastic :)

    And hyperskin concept that you showed is pretty impressive as well :)

    Samsung has great competition pressure and S5 release date in Jan 2014 is example. But let’s see how it will go. I am personally expecting S6 in late 2014.


  6. I have samsung galexy s 3.He has one year, but now l (so much) want samsung galaxy s 6.
    VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY want have this mobile. I live in UKRAİNE. IN KIYIV.

  7. I impress with the detail you mention here about the Galaxy S6.But i have a question for you do you know the date when it actually release.

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